MC Kickboxing & Fitness prides itself on producing great technical fighters. The techniques the students learn is built over a period of time and only when they can attain a good level can the student grade.
Our aim is to produce students who have earned their belts not just turned up.


You can download the punch combinations here

Punch Combinations

1.2 jab/cross
1.2.1 jab/cross/jab
2.1 cross/jab
2.1.2 cross/jab/cross

2 punch- Jab/hook (same hand)
3 punch- Jab/cross/uppercut
4 punch- Jab/cross/uppercut/uppercut
5 punch- Jab/cross/uppercut/uppercut/hook
6 punch- Jab 3/cross/uppercut
7 punch- Jab (swap stance) cross/hook
8 punch- Bowler/under over/hook
9 punch- Jab/cross/double hook/cross/hook
10 punch- jab2/cross/hook

Twister- Feint jab/cross
Body shot 1- left hook to the body
Body shot 2- Roll right/hook to the body


We run several kickboxing classes – Come and have a look

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Mini Cickers

KICKBOXING CLASSES FOR KIDS! Aimed at kids between 4 and 9 years old.
Learn a skill for life but have fun at the same time!!
Saturday 9.10am-9.50am & Tuesday’s 6.10pm until 6.50pm

First class free!

Please contact us to register an interest.