MC Kickboxing & Fitness prides itself on producing great technical fighters. The techniques the students learn is built over a period of time and only when they can attain a good level can the student grade.
Our aim is to produce students who have earned their belts not just turned up.


You can download the grading sheets

White / Red




  • Students should be correctly dressed
  • The student should be able to listen to the instructor.
  • Complete the warm up
  • Be able to interact with other students
  • Students should be able to follow stretching exercises


  • Left fighting stance
  • Right fighting stance

Arm Techniques

  • Jab
  • Cross
  • Left Hook
  • Right Hook

Leg Techniques

  • Front Kick
  • Rear Leg Round Kick

Combination Work (Performed on pads)

  • Jab > Cross > Rear leg round kick.


Download Grading Sheet


White / Yellow
White / Orange
White / Green
White / Blue
White / Purple
White / Brown
White / Black
Black / White / Black


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Mini Cickers

KICKBOXING CLASSES FOR KIDS! Aimed at kids between 4 and 9 years old.
Learn a skill for life but have fun at the same time!!
Saturday 9.10am-9.50am & Tuesday’s 6.10pm until 6.50pm

First class free!

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